Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Romantic Table

I am very well
I am so glad
I am busy so much
I am eating too much
I am sleeping not enough
I am drinking juice and cafe
I am reading many eyes
I am facing many marvelous souls
I am walking at nights
I am living in mountains
I am seeing no moon
I am hearing no sound
But a whisper of angels
I am tasting no food
But sweet lips and hearts
I am dreaming a little
But with secrets and
I am melting but no fire
I am attending romantic tables
Slender glasses of cafe
Beauty and wonder
Charm and allure
Merits to stair at
To set besides
To think and to think
To beat the heart
To spice up
The feelings
To be sailing
It exists as a blue ocean
Or warm sea
myriad of wonders
Not just a wonder
fills the mind with hard questions
With answers but
No answer!
Tranquil as butterfly
Mighty, honourable and amiable as a queen
Smiles as the sun
Fomenters as the winds
Can you imagine?
In that ocean
A boat with a captain
As the voyage lasts
The captain gets tired
And the ocean takes
the chance
Aggressively hits the boat
Cracking, breaking
And, flipping
The captain got disappointed!
He asked the ocean: "why?"
For my life wholly
I've been loving
Within your beauty
Through your irresistible wonder
To my eyes with your allure
For my heart's beats
With your charm
My soul of you In pursuing
Howbeit I am pleased
As immortally
I am sleeping
Inside your heart
And dreaming.

24th July

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