Saturday, 25 July 2009

There was a wonder

There was a wonder
A light who ensued
I felt and pursued
It wasn’t understood
Like a star in the sky
And almost got no clue
A stairway I climbed
And the star is glittering
You know you won’t reach a star
But, it’s not a star!
Albeit it allured
Howbeit it’s a soul I deeply believed
And merely, did not a thing
But, made many things
With its brilliance and enchants
The eyes and hopes
You know souls are travelling
Meeting and cherishing And, I adore
The moon is absolutely admired
Though for good he’s living so far
The sun got our smiles
To our new days she’s drawing
The bird draw smiles
On faces whose hoping
On faces whose crying
We feel mercy and blessing
And just because they all are there!
I was looking at them wholly
And, adore
Whilst on my stairway
To that star, kept walking
Night by night
Until I became within sight
I took a look
On a planet beside
I dared not to drowse
Though dead tired I was
And yet the star was a soul!
I found it marvellous and glorious
Charming and to breath rouses
For heartbeats awakens
I arrived and really
The soul was amazing
And she held me with careful
Vast of tender and graceful
Immeasurable beauty dressed my shoulders
But I cradled her as
She was crying and
I haven’t known!
Oh, how to wipe her tears away?
I was worried and troubled
The reason was in absentia
But, my heart was in nostalgia
And I had not a thing to do
My heart, my eyes and all of me
Cried with her wholly
Why are you alone?
How could you live away?
You carry a brave heart, indeed
And, my shoulder for her lent
As presente
I just came because of a wonder
And I got a heart beat
For one misses the rhythm
And, I had not a thing to do
But seeing her tears hurts me
I got a wonder
I took the stairway to a star
The star was a beautiful soul
The soul was the wonder
And the wonder was She.

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