Friday, 23 October 2009

I Miss You Warm Rose II, For "AL ZAHRA'A"

Blossoming in every garden,
Surrounding grace,
Which I am missing;
And, I am missing you warm rose;

O' live with joy;
Live exalting to the skies;
Because you are the smile,
that draws,
Heaven on my cheeks,
Whoever to them speaks,
Feels ecstatic ;
And, on my lips,
Another smile,
Whenever I want it,
I just recall "Zahra'a."

12th Sep.
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

The First Poem for "AL ZAHRA'A"

You, the Queen;
You, the flower of summer;
Your pain doesn't wound your beauty,
And nothing be tender enough but,
But, you;
But, your voice;
But, your smile;
Your faith of yourself only what could help you;
Mountains you climb,
Like winds,
Nothing stops the winds to blow,
Nor even huge mass of rocks;
And, no fear remains any longer;
God bless you, and with you being at each step;
And, may Him save your smile all along;
Like you've drawn myriad of smiles on my face,
Lots of times.

12th Aug.
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sometimes .. Just sometimes

Do you know what is the difference between you and the others?
Now, I know what is the mystery of us?
The mystery is that you are brave enough to say: “ sometimes, just sometimes..”
And this is the difference between you and the others.
This is the difference in our story to the rest of my stories;
Your brave heart.
And, thank you for saying that,
because all of them wanted less than sometimes!
But, they have never admitted,
They much lied,
But, you have nothing to be afraid of,
You are honest and said it clearly.
And, thank you for giving me your love for sometimes
and warning me it's for sometimes,
And, not let me being living in a lie,
I discovered their lies, but they never admitted,
and I am the only blamed one!
How could a heart hold a love for just sometimes?
How could they lie?

Just if there's someone crazy about me!

I am not making people suffer, at all,
I haven't meant to, and I am not,
they always has begun with just a small lie!

For sometimes, and just sometimes, I love you.
For some moments,
and only some moments, I felt peace.
For some seconds,
and only some seconds, you made me home.
For some beats,
and just some of the heart's beats,
the heart sings your name.

6:19 PM, The 4th of October 09.
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

Friday, 16 October 2009

I Would Come -II

I would of course,
Come riding a horse,
A white horse or red brown;
I would show up with crown,
Holding for you a rose.
Absolutely I am close,
And it's no more beautiful to see
after your "i"-eye,
But pardon me there's a "j",
That I like because,
then I could say:
"Je t'aime."

Walking With Tears

Just we were having a fabulous romantic dinner.
And, she asked me: “When do you think my birthday during this month?”
I replied: “I am sorry, but I have no clue to throw?”
She said: “My birthday is the day when I first met you.”

She said while she was folding the poem paper: “I am folding the paper, but in reality I am folding your poem by my heart.”

Sometimes later...

“Where are you now?
I am at a place of these places that we lived, visited, and had our fantastic moments. Moments blessed by the scent, the core, the meaning of your name.”

I am walking while my eyes are carrying their tears...

All luck After-Q.

Dusk Made Silence on Earth

Dusk and twilight.
Dusk lasts for some moments,
The Silence of peace;
Or, the security of silence.
The calmness.
A date with the angels,
With God.
Contemplate: "Just hold on, and let's retrospect to the memory of...".
A stanza with the horizon;
And with ourselves which are preoccupied,
Which never forget;
Howbeit, yearning for..
Never has Silence,
nor mercy!
Albeit she is not comparable to the beauty,
of the dusk and his fame,
she never intend to be silent!
Howbeit, the dusk calmed down,
And calmed every soul,
Souls reached the tranquillity;
Paved the earth with serenity,
And painted myriad of beauties,
on the brow of the sky.
11th of October

The Sickness, Guiltiness and Death Inside

The sickness;
The guiltiness;
The mind has got shaved;
And no one would like to dance with a shaved-mind person,
Nor to sleep besides a silent heart one,
Nor even to just have a walk with a death holding body.
Guilty and sick;
How rationality could let to get engaged to a guilty heart?
How could live with a sick one?
How could even live while it exists a death inside?

The 1000 Pieces Heart

The anger;
The grief
The pain;
The 1000-pieces-and-a-piece-heart;
The mystery behind;
When you own a thing you can easily control,
But as the heart does not belong to the beholder,
who then has no power on;
The 1000-piece heart made a very wide net,
Covers thousands of miles,
It is hard to make him one piece,and
It is hard to heal.

Where there is not only a season at a time,
Rather,two seasons exist at the same time,
In sometimes more;
Losing timing;
The heart's clock confuses raining and sun shining,
Sometimes, even just sometimes hurricanes passing,
The heart couldn't find the clue of the mystery,
Nor come back once again,
As only one whole piece.
Rather,those hurricanes,alternating places of sunrising and newly originating drops of raining,
And rainbows,
With strange colors,
Some of them were black,
Others were just blue.
The heart does never belong to the beholder,
And no one has two hearts,ever,
And it's hard to steering,
what about if he is 1000 pieces and a piece.
Where in between these pieces,
A death keeps creeping,
The wish sometimes for that death to also growing,
Ever since,
The death had been an infant,
Then has become a kid,
After sometimes, got much mature,
And became so wise to bite,
Swallow the happiness,
Eat the beauty,
Drink the water of any flower and rose.
Although keeping planting,trees and gardens,
To save the rose and flower,
But the hurricanes left nothing.
"Giving up" is not a word to sing,
Never had been,
And not to be at all,
Just waking up and making a cup of cafe,
And try again.
But what is passed is already gone,
And what remains only burned oasis,
Better to close the eyes,
when passing by the places.

The mystery remains unsolved,
The heart cannot sell happiness,
And no one would like to buy fake stuff,
A heart does never belong to the beholder,
And no one accepts to host the 1000-piece heart,
And nor you would,too.

Honesty sometimes does not exist,
And when it does, it hurts,
However,it is always much more wise than lying,
And it's hard to keep a candle in a cold November rain,
And one thing in life does never change:
There is always a change.

The loneliness also remains,
Like cancer has no cure,
May be it needs a cup of pina colada every night,
Just to make the memory silent,
Just to help forgetting the pain,
Just to keeping with a lie
that there is no loneliness,
nor unsolved mystery,
But only happiness.

I Miss You Warm Rose

I am missing you warm rose
Dues get rest on your wine-red leaves
With the sliminess of your branch arises
Who hears you becomes happy
Who sets with you becomes alive
And, who pulls you off earth regrets
Scent blows off
Catches every soul
Intrigues the kernels
As living in temples

A Story for Sometimes

I was missing you so much,
with many things inside me touch,
my heart each minute once,
but I am mad with guns,
shooting my head and a thing knocks,
shakes and really bleeding, am,
believe me I've never taken,
care as much as you can explain,
serious being,
and funny sometimes;
and indeed with your presentia to living,
I would be completely in peace,
sound and safe;
for myriad of reasons,
I clearly sense,
you're true emotions, for me,
and the way I'm surrounded,
carried and held,
by them, like white wings
and I'm flying;
besides lots of you,
and us,
still taking me to you,
with no image in my head,
but only yours.

A Wine-like Sweet

Sweet itself is sweet,
But when it's carrying more to feel,
We don't know what to call;
Sweet is to taste,
But if it has a magic,
Then, what to do?
Sweet is to cherish a bless called "tongue,"
And wine is to take the minds away,
But what's if I got drunk as the sweets stolen my soul;
It's sweet indeed,
But it's special as made,
I took my cut as saying "thanks",
Although,"thanks" is not enough,
Nor tons nor even millions,
I'm living a pleasure,
With each bit,
I'm trying to reach a proper way to tell you how
much be pleased and grateful by what your hands
By a dessert carrying a hat of jam,
That's a best friend to my cafe;
I made a second cup of cafe,
To continue;
Now I'm taking the last spoon being in pleasure of
new happiness,
As your sweets have been leading me,
A stairway to reach the sky,
I won't get down unless,
I get you a word from there;
A sweet with a hat of jam,
Not only a dessert,
Not only a jam,
It's rather a magic,
With the power of wine.

A Poem for “May Queen”

I got known that I shall you meet;
Last night, I had of you a dream,
I couldn't see you so clear,
But, I kept wondering how you will be seen,
Like a star or a like a moon?
Thank you for appearing,
And, I cannot keep you out of leaving,
So, you got to disappearing;
For moments, you were amazing;
You came in and flighted far,
Like a season butterfly;
With your hazel eyes,
I got to the earth enchanted;
Charming beauty,
Slender with special scent;
And, I feel how lighted-shadow you are carrying,
How alluring you create,
It's Irresistible;
I like to take photos for butterflies,
When for my room they got in,
For luck Sake, I think;
But,this time I raised,
High in the sky,
I felt life and something,
Remain prolonging,
And with echo whispering,
Even if you got far;
And,I got an immortal photo with,
Marvelous astonishing, Season butterfly;
Fly may God bless you;
In the happiness,
With all of my hope to,
Meeting you once again,
In a fantastic moments like;
Until then,
"Here I am",
With a thing's missing,Which you've stolen,
Though I wish, too,
With all happiness and joy to remain,
You "May Queen".

26th Aug. 09

Sunday, 11 October 2009

أسكن الغسق الأرض

الغسق و الشفق
أمضى الغسق للحظات
سكينة الأمان
أم أمان السكون
موعد مع الملائكة
مع الله
تأمل صمت الجاهلية
"تأمل "قفا نبك على ذكرى
مع الأفق آية
ومع أنفسنا لاهية
لاهي تنسى ولا تشبع
لاهي تسكت ولا ترحم
هي لاتقارن حتى بجمال الغسق و شهرته
والسكون تأبى
ولكن الغسق سكن
وأسكن كل نفس
وأسكن الأرض
ورسم جمالا في جبين السماء

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Sound of Raining

Have we ever thought to give the raining sound a name?
An attribute
An idiosyncrasy
Let me give the sound of raining an adjective, a name, an attribute...
The sound of Raining is the peace, happiness and secret of being happy alone!
Peace, and joy
Calmness, and carelessness without any guiltiness,
The sound of innocence,
The sound of new life,
With every drop you can see the pureness,
With these all drops together drawing the image of new life,
singing together: “This is just the secret of life, please enjoy, for sometimes, just sometimes, because we are not going to be around forever, so this is your chance, take some life for some moments, for just sometimes....”

11PM~12:39 AM, 7th-8th October 09

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Me and My Friends

My friends, we know how hard to be in troubles and wishing someone were there.I, most of the times, face such moments. But still sometimes a friend finds me and gives me the shoulder and hands. And for the other times,I am taking the challenge to help myself. As it is the only way,and no one there for me but me. And to help me,I should help my friends, by being always their friend. And in sometimes, the shoulder and the hands. Even if sometimes we are not friends, but definitely we are in deeper.

My friends,I am always here for me and for you.

A friend in Jordan told me after I left: "When you need a help, ask God. He is the only One Who helps." My friend was almost right, but she forgot that God helps us only when we purely want and seriously try to help us. He helps us through us.

The writer
8th October