Friday, 16 October 2009

Dusk Made Silence on Earth

Dusk and twilight.
Dusk lasts for some moments,
The Silence of peace;
Or, the security of silence.
The calmness.
A date with the angels,
With God.
Contemplate: "Just hold on, and let's retrospect to the memory of...".
A stanza with the horizon;
And with ourselves which are preoccupied,
Which never forget;
Howbeit, yearning for..
Never has Silence,
nor mercy!
Albeit she is not comparable to the beauty,
of the dusk and his fame,
she never intend to be silent!
Howbeit, the dusk calmed down,
And calmed every soul,
Souls reached the tranquillity;
Paved the earth with serenity,
And painted myriad of beauties,
on the brow of the sky.
11th of October

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