Thursday, 8 October 2009

Me and My Friends

My friends, we know how hard to be in troubles and wishing someone were there.I, most of the times, face such moments. But still sometimes a friend finds me and gives me the shoulder and hands. And for the other times,I am taking the challenge to help myself. As it is the only way,and no one there for me but me. And to help me,I should help my friends, by being always their friend. And in sometimes, the shoulder and the hands. Even if sometimes we are not friends, but definitely we are in deeper.

My friends,I am always here for me and for you.

A friend in Jordan told me after I left: "When you need a help, ask God. He is the only One Who helps." My friend was almost right, but she forgot that God helps us only when we purely want and seriously try to help us. He helps us through us.

The writer
8th October

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