Monday, 9 February 2009

Every time I Commit an Engagement To

When I was kid
And, the school was so close to open for the starting a new year
My parents used to get for me these new stuff, dress, shoes, materials, and extra
And, for every occasion I wanted to celebrate
Happily with full of innocent pleasures, I’ve been got some new things for new, shiny and fresh looks
Year after year, I’ve been turning to get engage to moments by myself
As well, for getting new stuff
Till the engagement becomes with no glad
It’s seemingly sensed like as a routine
But, like some other people who wait for the wedding day,
Especially the ladies
I’m feeling the same this time
With a bit difference
My newly wedding ceremony has unusual kind of bride
She’s Japan
And, I’m planning for this occasion with a black checklist
With no fiancée