Friday, 25 April 2008

As for Me

As for me, it is not a moment or more
As for me, it is not a name or a noun
It is not a rank or a gain…

It is not a story to live
Neither, a novel, nor a poem
To tell…

It’s not a name, may sound attractive
It’s not a face, may look charismatic…

As for me, I found no definition for him
And, It could be elucidated neither in some words nor in many ones…

As for me, he’s greater, wider, more cherished, more precious, and more than

 what a human would deserve….

It’s not to play with, or to enjoy
Or, to laugh

As for me, it’s not a colour or just a flower
It’s not a memory or a ceremony…

It’s not an act nor a behaviour…

As for me,

It’s more than what I can imagine

It’s neither to take nor to give

It’s not a selfish desire

It’s neither a need
nor a due…

It’s more than just dedicating
More than giving and paying,
Without expecting a reward;

It’s more than human comprehension or imagination.


“Is it to think of, find out, admire and adore what the spouse does think of?

Or, what the spouse really wants?

And, all along, to satisfy as

Happily, pleasurably and easily those

Needs, believes, matters and pieces of a character

And, cherish while I am having the same, as well…?”


But, I believe that

It’s not a perfume to smell,

nor a space to fill.


[April 18th, 08]


Wednesday, 16 April 2008



Like a rock
Has fallen from a high mountain
Ice Mountain
Was an enormous piece
Turned to be thousands of pieces
To sands
Sun had arisen up and dissolved the ice…

Like a shadow
Disappear when Sun sets...

Like Moon
When Sun’s behind the Earth
But, Sun always does form Moon
And, Moon cannot escape
He’s half-Moon or full-Moon
Always obeys to Sun...

Like a sunflower
Looking to her mother

Like stars...

Like mirage
Born by Sun
In a wide desert
And, lives by Sun
Sometimes, dies by Sun...

وداعك أكره

وداعك أكره

إذا ماسافرت يوما ولم أودعك
فلا تحسبي أنني لا أحبك
إنما أنا ، وداعك أكره

ولكنني ودعتك بكل ألم
وكنت في داخلي أتقطع

ودعتك وأنفاسي تمزقني
ودعتك ولم أكن أريد حتى أن أذهب..

مسافرا.. وقد حاولت ألا أفعل...

ولكنني كالقمر
بدر ، وهلال ، ونصف قمر

وقدري ألا أكون في مستقر...

سفري قديم وهذا قدر
حتى أصبحت أستلذ بالسفر...

سنين أرتقب السحر
مع شمس ، نتسامر سوية بلا ضجر
ولكن الشمس لا تأتي أبدا قبل الفجر!

قدري سفر ، ووحيد سهر
قدري أن أكون كالقمر ، أو الهلال ، أو البدر...

قدري السفر...

سافرت مودعا وأنا أكره
ولكنه القدر...