Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lucky She

Lucky she, who could find my heart’s key
Lucky she, who could prepare me my night
Lucky she, who could believe that my night is not but a table with some red candles
Shadows, souls, and moments
Tongue tones, rhythm of night and moon with silver light
And, a night
With a black hat, red dress and a dance
A longest lasting step
Amongst stars…
with no moon but she
Lucky she, who could define me love
Lucky she, who could make sleep
Lucky she, who could prepare me a cup of tea
With no sugar
With no spoon
With no body but she
With cherish

Lucky He

Lucky he, who could know you well
Lucky he, who could really realize how smart you are
Lucky he, who could really define the strong character of you
Lucky he, who could really imagine you with him on the dinner table
With the red candles...
Lucky he, who could make you fall in love with him
Lucky he, whom you could let him show you how much he's in love with you
How much he cherishes you

*Little Needs Or High Goals!

Little needs may steal you a chance of getting the high goals!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

On Apology Day

I apologize to whom for I committed a mistake
Involuntarily or with care
I apologize to whom I should’ve smiled to them
I apologize to whom I could’ve helped them
I apologize to myself and to Intelligile that I have no choice but to travel!

I Know Honesty Sometimes Kills!

This Rose Is Not for This Lady!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It’s Hard to Be Married And You Are In Love With Another!

Sorry, seems to be the hardest word!
Sorry, it’s hard to be married and you are in love with another
Sorry, I couldn’t find a rose
Sorry, volcanoes in Japan are not better than our deserts, mountains and shores…

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

And, we are here

To learn these lessons

It doesn’t matter,

How much we live

It doesn’t matter to living more

It’s how much we learn

How much we did

And, what we do

Let’s keep the rhythm away

And try to hear the tone

Plays with the heart

The all role

Survive with shine

Climb with pride

Hate to sleep

Keep on

Come on

Share me my ride

We’ll pass by the stars

We’ll sing and dance

And, don’t forget

I hate to sleep

Might miss a star

Come on

To the world of light

To the origin of tones

To the land of green

Where Sun rises

Where Moon clearly smiles

But, remember

We cannot meet all the stars

And, we may not see the moon

We are here to learn

To share

The meaning of us

And, we are here

To only whisper

Louder than shouting

But smoother than touching

And here we are

Just to link the moon by

The land!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Marry The World

My wife is the sky with clouds

The see with rocks

The green land with mountains

The flowers with bees

The rain with cold

The sun with days

The moon with nights

Marry the world

Open your eyes

They all are beautiful

They all dedicate you something,

Dreams, roses, colors, romance, love and life

Dedicate you moments and memories

And, learn from them…

Love and how to love

To cry

To shed tears

To cherish,


And, your wife,

The world.

And, here you are!

You the most far...the closest

Here you are

Surrounding the night with your swings

With all tenderness and grace

I see you there and everywhere

I see you clear and so vague

And, you’ve been always saying something

And, I’ve always tried to get you

I don’t know if I

But, as I grow up I understand you more

And, more

Wherever I meet you

I find you charming



You are there

But, here you are!

And, there’s no difference whether it’s 1969

Or 1996!

Whether it’s winter or summer

Whether in the north or south

In the desert or top of the mountain

But, you change the mood a little bit on the see

From it on the sands

Many waits for you

Anyway, you don’t care

Whether there’s someone waiting for you

Or no one will wait

You remain cool

With smiley face


Feeling proud

Just proud

And you don’t wait

You act

You show up and disappear

When you want

When you like

The same

With Allure



Or there

Here, you are!

Having the all time

With the all truth

As for me, I’ll wait

For all the years I could live

I’ll wait for you

Here or there

In the east

Or the west

I’ll wait

And, I don’t care

Whether you are beautiful

Or not

Whether I know you

Or not

I just wish

Here, you were

Monday, 12 January 2009

Shall I Cry?

I couldn’t be happiest!

And, it couldn’t be easiest!

But, it’s the happiness

Shall I cry?

Deep inside

Myself, my whole body lived

For a moment, I couldn’t believe

For a moment, I forgot

My name

My life


But, I felt

The moment I said: “It couldn’t be happiest”

Shall I cry?

I want to cry

I really need to cry

I feel so happy, and I want to cry!

Shall I cry?

But, my time is so precious

It’s always been

I trusted my time

I trusted the thing that most worth it

I trusted and cherished


The moment of truth…

But, why shall I cry?

I did nothing

The only thing I did,

Is that I trusted I

I thought I don’t trust myself

But, I did

And, I know nothing

But, when it comes I really know!

Shall I cry?

So, where are you now?

When could we meet, then?

How do you look like?

How is your smile?

How are your words?

How does my ear will love your voice?

I think, now, I shall cry

You might hear my voice!

You might live the moment of truth

With me

Shall I cry?

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Monday 5th, At The Beach

I'm very glad...
To hear that...

Troubles Are Honest Sunglasses

Troubles show you who really you are

And, the others around

Sea winds never stops

Star will always shine

As long as, the sun rises from the east

Friday, 9 January 2009

So, How Are You?

Oh my God! Why Do I care?

Do I miss you?

I don’t know!

Sometimes, I feel I miss you

I look at your face

I remember that lovely, peaceful memories

I look at you

The same gestures


The same as before

Oh My God!

This is you

With innocence

With tenderness

And, as I stay as I remember

Your words

Our past conversations

Our memories…

There, and there

And, here

The smell, the touch the taste

The us!

Everything hit me like winds from every where

And, I am surrounded with a storm squeezing me

Raising me up, and smacking me down

While I am asking myself: “How could I forget my pain? And, how I dare to tell myself that I miss you?”

I may find myself an answer

But, where could I find an answer for this question: “Do You Feel Sorry that You Hurt ME?”…

And, do you feel you lost me?

Do you admit your mistake?

Do you?

Can you confess?

And, why do you look to me like this?

Dare you?

What does make you feel comfortable?

What do you have?

If so, do you really want me now?

Do you really know who am I?

Do you know what we were?

Do you think you really miss and need I this time?

Do you really understand?

Do you really want to try again?

Do you think you will really trust me?

And, cherish me

Cherish me Lady!

I’ve never disappointed you …

Do you want each other to adore?

What do you have?

07-08 Jan. 09

The Real Challenge; This Is The Way We Live!

And, my father plans to come to say: “Good Bye”

Last night, I was hurt

And, I’ve always been hurt

By miss-do


The whole world flips up-side-down

The whole world is centered around him

My Father

I’ve been always waiting for you

I’ve always liked to have your grace, tenderness and life

Tonight I feel like you’ve been always with me

You play a major role in my life

Now, you see your kid

One day you will really see your kid

Your kid will make the whole world tells who am I

One day,

And, this is my real exam

You’ve given me everything

Tonight I’m satisfied

This is what I’ve been always looking forward

I am glad that I succeed

And, I am glad that you see me

And, I believe now that I mean many things to you

And, this has been my challenge since so long time

But, I am still at the first mile

And, my trip is too long, too

I’ll show you that no one has more than me

Who could be better than I?

Who could be more than your son?

Your son is I

I’ve took my challenge

And, I am still not really satisfied

Since, I’m embedded with the perseverance machine

My blood is contained of goals, persistence, success and winning

I die if I lose one

I die, because my blood will be poor if so

My heart is a machine that cannot beat without a full source of aspiration

And, my aspiration is to make the whole world introduces your son

The Son.

07-08 Jan., 09

No Body Cries, But Your Wife!

Your uncle misses you, right!

Your parents, brothers and sisters

But, your wife is hurt

Your uncle came travelling with eyes full of tears

The tears of your uncle…

No one has ever seen!

Your uncle with eyes full of sadness

Full of missing

Full of grief

Full of tears

Your uncle screams among people: “This man is great, we miss this man, we lose this man”

And, what a story a family could live

The family of sorrow

Our family

Loves to have the gloom,

All life ages

And you make them satisfied!

But, who does cry?

No one… But your wife. 07 Jan. 09

The Challenge!

Most of us like to take the challenge

And, all of them have something to challenge

But, some fail to take the right thing to challenge

And, some other think they challenge the right thing, but in reality they fail, too

This is written by one of my students

“If you try hard enough, there would be nothing you cannot do. A person who tries many times will find success. Actually, faith is the way that makes a person strong regardless of the difficulties he might face. Whereas another way of thinking is to ask ourselves these questions: Why do I stop at the first time I fail? If I want something or I aim to achieve a goal what would stop me? Simply nothing: because I should exert every single effort to make my goal. This way helps you inspire yourself, or you find an inspiration inside yourself, so you go with no suffer or bother towards your dreams. I think a person will reach self-confidence that is will never give up and be a successful man.”—Ghabi Tabash, Grade 9
(8 Jan., 09)

*She, Who Could Make Me Feel Brand-New

وكم كنت أحلم بك معي

وأناملك تسبح بين خصل شعر رأسي

وشفتاك الورديتان تأخذني

وتسافر بي
وأتأمل وجهك

وأحلم .. وأحلم

كيف أحملك

وأمشي بك

تمعنين النظر في عيني

مسلمة مستلقية بين ذراعي

مفتخرا برجولتي.. أشعر بأنوثتك

وكأن جمالك من يحملنا وليست يداي

وكأن قللبك من يغنِ وليست شفتاي

ولساني يتبع تغريدك

وكلمات لا أدري من أين تأتي

Aug. 07