Wednesday, 14 January 2009

And, we are here

To learn these lessons

It doesn’t matter,

How much we live

It doesn’t matter to living more

It’s how much we learn

How much we did

And, what we do

Let’s keep the rhythm away

And try to hear the tone

Plays with the heart

The all role

Survive with shine

Climb with pride

Hate to sleep

Keep on

Come on

Share me my ride

We’ll pass by the stars

We’ll sing and dance

And, don’t forget

I hate to sleep

Might miss a star

Come on

To the world of light

To the origin of tones

To the land of green

Where Sun rises

Where Moon clearly smiles

But, remember

We cannot meet all the stars

And, we may not see the moon

We are here to learn

To share

The meaning of us

And, we are here

To only whisper

Louder than shouting

But smoother than touching

And here we are

Just to link the moon by

The land!

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