Friday, 9 January 2009

So, How Are You?

Oh my God! Why Do I care?

Do I miss you?

I don’t know!

Sometimes, I feel I miss you

I look at your face

I remember that lovely, peaceful memories

I look at you

The same gestures


The same as before

Oh My God!

This is you

With innocence

With tenderness

And, as I stay as I remember

Your words

Our past conversations

Our memories…

There, and there

And, here

The smell, the touch the taste

The us!

Everything hit me like winds from every where

And, I am surrounded with a storm squeezing me

Raising me up, and smacking me down

While I am asking myself: “How could I forget my pain? And, how I dare to tell myself that I miss you?”

I may find myself an answer

But, where could I find an answer for this question: “Do You Feel Sorry that You Hurt ME?”…

And, do you feel you lost me?

Do you admit your mistake?

Do you?

Can you confess?

And, why do you look to me like this?

Dare you?

What does make you feel comfortable?

What do you have?

If so, do you really want me now?

Do you really know who am I?

Do you know what we were?

Do you think you really miss and need I this time?

Do you really understand?

Do you really want to try again?

Do you think you will really trust me?

And, cherish me

Cherish me Lady!

I’ve never disappointed you …

Do you want each other to adore?

What do you have?

07-08 Jan. 09

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