Friday, 9 January 2009

The Real Challenge; This Is The Way We Live!

And, my father plans to come to say: “Good Bye”

Last night, I was hurt

And, I’ve always been hurt

By miss-do


The whole world flips up-side-down

The whole world is centered around him

My Father

I’ve been always waiting for you

I’ve always liked to have your grace, tenderness and life

Tonight I feel like you’ve been always with me

You play a major role in my life

Now, you see your kid

One day you will really see your kid

Your kid will make the whole world tells who am I

One day,

And, this is my real exam

You’ve given me everything

Tonight I’m satisfied

This is what I’ve been always looking forward

I am glad that I succeed

And, I am glad that you see me

And, I believe now that I mean many things to you

And, this has been my challenge since so long time

But, I am still at the first mile

And, my trip is too long, too

I’ll show you that no one has more than me

Who could be better than I?

Who could be more than your son?

Your son is I

I’ve took my challenge

And, I am still not really satisfied

Since, I’m embedded with the perseverance machine

My blood is contained of goals, persistence, success and winning

I die if I lose one

I die, because my blood will be poor if so

My heart is a machine that cannot beat without a full source of aspiration

And, my aspiration is to make the whole world introduces your son

The Son.

07-08 Jan., 09

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