Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Last Cigarette Together --A Poem For My Friend Nic Keating

The Last cigarette together,
It goes forever,
Miles and miles no matter;
It is last but not least,
We were friends, no doubt,
We had times of fanaticism,
But, I haven't realized,
How great you are,
But, that moments,
To “Goodbye” saying,
I just recognized,
How close and real,
We are being,
How much both,
For each are meaning
You came to have that smoke together,
I rolled twice,
And, pardon me I was in a fast,
I cannot break, because
I am fasting for God,
The first smoke for you,
And the second is for me, you to smoke;
We couldn't have the chance for sunrise to live,
For no reason, but,
Only because you are the “Sunrise”;
“The Princesa” and I we both by heart know,
How sensitive, romantic and special you are;
It's night, now, and I am rolling,
The cigarette as you would,
And I am smoking our Noon moments,
Into my chest breathing,
In retrospect, of our friendship,
As it is high, long and wide as a marine ship;
Last moments but not least,
Last cigarette together, but
We both believe that it is,
Only the inception,
To an eternity of,
Wonderland story,
But, it is not a wonderland,
It is rather the land living-hearted friends,
With a unique system of time,
That began at that moment of our,
Last cigarette together.
27th-28th of Aug. 09
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

She Makes Me Feel Home

She pured tenderness on an iced-body;
Cup after a cup;
A hostage for my innocence,
Whom I've been keeping safe,
From the bad hands;
A hostage welcomes my innocence,
With greeting and cherishing,
Admiring and caring;
Hugging until I feel baby;
Not only baby;
Not only a hug;
I felt cradling.
Like a baby;
Like home.

The 24th

From Y-Land

He said: "I am from New Zealand",
She said: "I am from Netherlands";
I said: "I am from Never-land".

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

When You Know

When you know when to speak,
And when as silent you keep;
When you know when to move,
And, a nape when to take;
When you know when to smile,
Rather than to laugh;
And when to shed tears,
And to wipe them away;

Knowing and letting to walk,
Rather than to ride a vehicle;

When writing the diary you keep,
And when you feel it is too hard;

When you have a coincidence,
You do not ask,
You just appreciate;
Because you won't know,
Although. You think thoroughly and deeply;

When you know what this,
and what that meant to be;

When you know the white spot inside,
you, and inside thee;
When you know that eyes don't get blind,
But, the hearts do,
And, to save your heart from getting blind,
And, when you stop saying “Love is blind,”
Rather, you say: “You or I might be blind.”

When you know how birds differ,
And, how fishes breath;
And, why the whale is a mammal?
When you know,
You still know not a thing!

When you prefer the white shoes,
Instead of the navy blue ones,
And, the navy blue socks, rather,
the white socks,
Only, the silky sexy masculine translucent navy blue socks.

When you know how to make someone smiles,
And, you hear from them;

When you realize that you need more time,
And, you do never have more time,
You only have time;

When you know how to accept the change,
How to change,
And, to change;

When you believe your pain today is your happiness tomorrow;
You had sorrow yesterday,
To realize the happiness of everyday.

17th of August, 09

Where Are You Now?

“Where are you now?
I am at a place of these places that we lived, visited, and had our fantastic moments. Moments blessed by the scent, the core, the meaning of your name.”

أمشي و عيناي تحملان دمعاتهما،
شاخصتان ثقيلتان،
تريقان الدمع الغزير من جرح أوسطهما،
سيف حده قطع الأوردة؛

تريقان الدمع لحزن أشغلهما،
لفرح لغضب،

حتى حرقت وجنتيي دمعاتهما،
حتى على الأرض وقعت،
كخيل مصاب بالركب.

16th Aug. 09

Monday, 10 August 2009

I Like After Tea!

We were sipping tea;
And, I asked her:
“Do you like anything?”
She said: “Yes, after tea!”

I didn't find a clue;
But, there's something behind the blue;
I added the following words,
After 1000 years:

“I've been in my mind lost;
Thoroughly thinking of an algorithm;
At the same time I needed a bit,
From the Shop to buy something,
There were a lot,
Of people ,
In line long;
Staff mentioned with polite:
“Would you like to be in the queue?”
I replied: “I like after Q.”

27 June-10 Aug.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

I am Sick - Je Suis Malade

Entrance: "Frankly, I am eating too much, and I have no idea why?," I said.
"Oh' you are for sure sick!", She commented with concern.

I had been living as I thought
I had been surviving as I hoped
I had been taking away
From my soul
From my heart
Lonely nights
Dark more than black
A beast was not!
Nightmares had been shaking my bed
Stealing my little moments of rest
I had been not being able to get sick
Because I had been not alive being!

My pipe had been helping,
To my boat steering;
The winds couldn't extinguishing,
My pleasure while piping;
The ocean had been trying,
To my boat stealing;
That ocean had been in anger,
Severely, mysteriously and continuously trying
To my voyage for succeeding;
That is I had been hindered,
My body, my soul to sick being
And my heart had been still under exiling.

At the shore we have met
But, with a story you let
I doubted but for sure you did insist
Another heart in your life does exist
No chance with as it would be a sin

And, kept with iced-bed
With pipe and cigarette
That might succor
Such friends besides a book

When you have appeared
With your tears being shed
My heart so deep got hurt
And you I have been there
While you were for me injuring;
Not you but the grief,
Of your face and your eyes,
And your tears
Passing my chest like a knife,
Cutting to twice,
Three, ten,
Or more I've forgotten!
Your tears for my life bringing,
That I sensed the sorrow,
And the happiness,
Inside you and what is surrounding;
My tear have dropped,
A tender giving,
They have gone out of my eyes,
But, indeed they have fallen,
Off on my heart..
And, no one knows whose tears dropped on whom heart!

Because I needed to be sick,
And, Because I had been not alive being!
I had been not being able to get sick;
Howbeit, I have started to alive being,
It is my turn to get sick;
For long long and a day I have been needing
To feeling,
A soul, a heart and a dreaming;
When you wish me a sweet dreaming,
I am alive and sick of being,
To your heart deeply attaching;
Yest I am sick what can you do for me waiting,
Nights, nights and a night pipe smoking,
A cigarette cannot for my pleasure satisfying,
And cafe cups of cups and a cup drinking,
For you a once sharing;
I am sick, yes, what can you doing?
I am sick I've been seeing,
You everywhere like an angel;
I am sick I am singing
While walking,
I am sick.. I am happy,
That I had been really craving,
A sick being;
But, my boat, ocean and sailing;
But, my heart was out living,
I had been not being able to sick getting
But, I am alive
So I can in sick being
I am so glad
I shall smoke with more pleasure,
With aromatic tobacco,
With smoke I have bringing
Answers for my questions;
I am sick
I am sick
I am sick.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Voyage in The Eyes

Entrance: "Do you know that I love you?", she said.

A voyage in the eyes
Traveling through mines
Sensing till cries
Cherishing the times

And names

The souls
Swim like
A body on a calm sea
Not a blue sea
Not dark eyes

Lots of stories
Long stories

Meeting at the right time
Was it?

Who knows?
We don't know
We are supposed not to know
What is the pleasure then if we do?

A voyage in the eyes
While my bed becomes warm
My pillow embraces me
And, a summer begins
Like a winter

The image remains in the hearts
Like an angel
Wherever I look
I sea the face
of smiles
of mysteries
Let cry for her
Let cry for yourself

A voyage in the eyes
That remains
In the hearts
Safe as it is immortal。

Thursday 6日

Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Suitcase

I want to write and write
I want to express the winds hitting inside my chest
Lots of thoughts
Many questions
Myriad of emotions
A lost soul
A future
With a vision
But long time
Pleasures and passions
And people
With lots of memories
My suitcase becomes old
And too small
To carry all these things
I should find a suitcase that suits
The memories
A new suitcase
But I could only get
A pencil
What could I do?
I am in a need
For a new suitcase

Last month
My clock has stopped once
But now it doesn't
I need it
To stop now
May that give me
A time

But wait!
Isn't a paradox?
How could I have time
If my clock stopped?

Oh' what to do?
It is a hard question
And I still need
A new suitcase

The Introduction

Ten years
twenty years
twenty seven ones
Or fifty of them
Still it doesn't change
An introduction does be
A thing does never change
There is always a change
at each one there is an introduction

The age does not matter
The how many years is not a rational counter!
And, if there is no reason
But one remains to define I could
Introduction does exist
With every new sunrise
With early birds

I like my introduction with cafe
I like it with a cup of water
Since water is transparent
And Cafe is romantic
The table, cafe and water
Exist at all introductions, may
Howbeit, they were much sweeter
In that introduction

The cafe shall be made
For us as you wish
For the introduction
That will be like la lumiere de lune
Entrance does through
The window
A spot on the room
A chimney fires draws
On the walls
The words
We spell
By the eyes
Who become sick
Not to embarrass
But to embrace

An introduction is life
Ten years
twenty years
twenty seven ones
Or fifty of them
It does not matter

What matters is
To be able cry when you need
To let cry
What matters is
Was your shoulder there?
And do you find a shoulder when you really need?
How many tear drops you've shed
How many tear drops you've dried

It is an introduction
And the introduction is everything.

Rule No.° 2

"Oh' I want to divorce tonight!", she said.
"Tonight! pardon moi; I am busy;ちょっと待ってください! Or you could discuss with my secretary. And, remember you are being obliged to pay to me because you're requesting the divorce." I replied.
"And, I need to approve your prospective wife," she commented with anger!

I told her:

My lady, there is no love in the world would ever replace yours
No woman supersedes another
Every woman has has a kind of love
Each inspires alternatively
Each is unique
The supremeness and immortality nature of hearts
I am not selling your love to gain another
You have a heart who is incomparable to any heart
You are a star shines in the middle of my sky
When I need to smile I look at that star
I could then embrace
The essence of tenderness
That my heart will drink
A drop after a drop
My heart shall be fine
As you are a kind of love
My heart never supersedes your love
Your love is unique
Your love remains
Like a perfume of flowers
No flower shares another's aroma
Jasmine, Rosemary, Gardenia..
Each creates has it's presentia
And you are a world in the worlds
No world looks similar to another
No rose has the another's scent
And, no heart takes the place of yours.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Lesson Learned - The Woman, Man and Love

I have been taught that the woman does not need to find the love in the man's words.
Instead of, she would find his love in his chest, heart and his secrets.

It doesn't matter how many times you say: "I love you."
Or even how you say it, although she likes to hear it, always!
She would believe it if she could find it drawn on one of your diaries.

It is enough for her to know how much she loves you, and how much she knows about you, and what she would like to know more about you.

She wants to know how much you love her whilst your conscious is in absentia, and she won't tell you what she knew and knows.

She want to see you when you do not recognize, and to hear you when you don't speak.
Until it becomes the man's mission to understand her, to give her and to learn how to get from her.

It is the obstacles that the woman throws testing the man, waiting for his responds, and evaluating.

How could a man solve them?
And, where could he find the right answers?
On which could he rely to when facing troubles?
And how to think to reach an answer?
Should he ask his heart or her heart?
Or depends on what he wants?
What will happen in case of committing a mistake?
And what is his destiny?

Do you know what does a woman mean when she tells you that you are not clear?
Have you ever asked her: "why you are not straightforward?"
She does never ever count herself as vague!

25 July

The Us and Beautiful People - In The World

There are many beautiful people in the world.
We have to know how to find them
How to choose them
We should know how to be their
How to keep their friendships forever.
28 July*

The Us and Beautiful People

We know that no human on the earth would be able to precisely, accurately and just exactly realizes, understands and feels what we really do by ourselves. Howbeit, we always hope to have people around us whom we could sensibly, clearly, transparently and honestly deal with. And, we'd wanted to cry like babies millions of times, but we have been living in the absence of grace and tender. Sometimes Allah sends us to beautiful people; or sends their innocent souls to us. The moment we be with them, we do become rich and safe. Our life turns to be more enjoyable and beautiful. That moment, we get a shoulder to cry on, an advice we need, and an inspiration to shine in the middle of the sky. We then be deeply aspired to be that shoulder, this friend and brother for them, whenever indeed.

The Romantic Table

I am very well
I am so glad
I am busy so much
I am eating too much
I am sleeping not enough
I am drinking juice and cafe
I am reading many eyes
I am facing many marvelous souls
I am walking at nights
I am living in mountains
I am seeing no moon
I am hearing no sound
But a whisper of angels
I am tasting no food
But sweet lips and hearts
I am dreaming a little
But with secrets and
I am melting but no fire
I am attending romantic tables
Slender glasses of cafe
Beauty and wonder
Charm and allure
Merits to stair at
To set besides
To think and to think
To beat the heart
To spice up
The feelings
To be sailing
It exists as a blue ocean
Or warm sea
myriad of wonders
Not just a wonder
fills the mind with hard questions
With answers but
No answer!
Tranquil as butterfly
Mighty, honourable and amiable as a queen
Smiles as the sun
Fomenters as the winds
Can you imagine?
In that ocean
A boat with a captain
As the voyage lasts
The captain gets tired
And the ocean takes
the chance
Aggressively hits the boat
Cracking, breaking
And, flipping
The captain got disappointed!
He asked the ocean: "why?"
For my life wholly
I've been loving
Within your beauty
Through your irresistible wonder
To my eyes with your allure
For my heart's beats
With your charm
My soul of you In pursuing
Howbeit I am pleased
As immortally
I am sleeping
Inside your heart
And dreaming.

24th July