Wednesday, 19 August 2009

When You Know

When you know when to speak,
And when as silent you keep;
When you know when to move,
And, a nape when to take;
When you know when to smile,
Rather than to laugh;
And when to shed tears,
And to wipe them away;

Knowing and letting to walk,
Rather than to ride a vehicle;

When writing the diary you keep,
And when you feel it is too hard;

When you have a coincidence,
You do not ask,
You just appreciate;
Because you won't know,
Although. You think thoroughly and deeply;

When you know what this,
and what that meant to be;

When you know the white spot inside,
you, and inside thee;
When you know that eyes don't get blind,
But, the hearts do,
And, to save your heart from getting blind,
And, when you stop saying “Love is blind,”
Rather, you say: “You or I might be blind.”

When you know how birds differ,
And, how fishes breath;
And, why the whale is a mammal?
When you know,
You still know not a thing!

When you prefer the white shoes,
Instead of the navy blue ones,
And, the navy blue socks, rather,
the white socks,
Only, the silky sexy masculine translucent navy blue socks.

When you know how to make someone smiles,
And, you hear from them;

When you realize that you need more time,
And, you do never have more time,
You only have time;

When you know how to accept the change,
How to change,
And, to change;

When you believe your pain today is your happiness tomorrow;
You had sorrow yesterday,
To realize the happiness of everyday.

17th of August, 09

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