Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Voyage in The Eyes

Entrance: "Do you know that I love you?", she said.

A voyage in the eyes
Traveling through mines
Sensing till cries
Cherishing the times

And names

The souls
Swim like
A body on a calm sea
Not a blue sea
Not dark eyes

Lots of stories
Long stories

Meeting at the right time
Was it?

Who knows?
We don't know
We are supposed not to know
What is the pleasure then if we do?

A voyage in the eyes
While my bed becomes warm
My pillow embraces me
And, a summer begins
Like a winter

The image remains in the hearts
Like an angel
Wherever I look
I sea the face
of smiles
of mysteries
Let cry for her
Let cry for yourself

A voyage in the eyes
That remains
In the hearts
Safe as it is immortal。

Thursday 6日

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