Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Suitcase

I want to write and write
I want to express the winds hitting inside my chest
Lots of thoughts
Many questions
Myriad of emotions
A lost soul
A future
With a vision
But long time
Pleasures and passions
And people
With lots of memories
My suitcase becomes old
And too small
To carry all these things
I should find a suitcase that suits
The memories
A new suitcase
But I could only get
A pencil
What could I do?
I am in a need
For a new suitcase

Last month
My clock has stopped once
But now it doesn't
I need it
To stop now
May that give me
A time

But wait!
Isn't a paradox?
How could I have time
If my clock stopped?

Oh' what to do?
It is a hard question
And I still need
A new suitcase

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