Thursday, 6 August 2009

Rule No.° 2

"Oh' I want to divorce tonight!", she said.
"Tonight! pardon moi; I am busy;ちょっと待ってください! Or you could discuss with my secretary. And, remember you are being obliged to pay to me because you're requesting the divorce." I replied.
"And, I need to approve your prospective wife," she commented with anger!

I told her:

My lady, there is no love in the world would ever replace yours
No woman supersedes another
Every woman has has a kind of love
Each inspires alternatively
Each is unique
The supremeness and immortality nature of hearts
I am not selling your love to gain another
You have a heart who is incomparable to any heart
You are a star shines in the middle of my sky
When I need to smile I look at that star
I could then embrace
The essence of tenderness
That my heart will drink
A drop after a drop
My heart shall be fine
As you are a kind of love
My heart never supersedes your love
Your love is unique
Your love remains
Like a perfume of flowers
No flower shares another's aroma
Jasmine, Rosemary, Gardenia..
Each creates has it's presentia
And you are a world in the worlds
No world looks similar to another
No rose has the another's scent
And, no heart takes the place of yours.

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