Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Introduction

Ten years
twenty years
twenty seven ones
Or fifty of them
Still it doesn't change
An introduction does be
A thing does never change
There is always a change
at each one there is an introduction

The age does not matter
The how many years is not a rational counter!
And, if there is no reason
But one remains to define I could
Introduction does exist
With every new sunrise
With early birds

I like my introduction with cafe
I like it with a cup of water
Since water is transparent
And Cafe is romantic
The table, cafe and water
Exist at all introductions, may
Howbeit, they were much sweeter
In that introduction

The cafe shall be made
For us as you wish
For the introduction
That will be like la lumiere de lune
Entrance does through
The window
A spot on the room
A chimney fires draws
On the walls
The words
We spell
By the eyes
Who become sick
Not to embarrass
But to embrace

An introduction is life
Ten years
twenty years
twenty seven ones
Or fifty of them
It does not matter

What matters is
To be able cry when you need
To let cry
What matters is
Was your shoulder there?
And do you find a shoulder when you really need?
How many tear drops you've shed
How many tear drops you've dried

It is an introduction
And the introduction is everything.

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