Sunday, 9 August 2009

I am Sick - Je Suis Malade

Entrance: "Frankly, I am eating too much, and I have no idea why?," I said.
"Oh' you are for sure sick!", She commented with concern.

I had been living as I thought
I had been surviving as I hoped
I had been taking away
From my soul
From my heart
Lonely nights
Dark more than black
A beast was not!
Nightmares had been shaking my bed
Stealing my little moments of rest
I had been not being able to get sick
Because I had been not alive being!

My pipe had been helping,
To my boat steering;
The winds couldn't extinguishing,
My pleasure while piping;
The ocean had been trying,
To my boat stealing;
That ocean had been in anger,
Severely, mysteriously and continuously trying
To my voyage for succeeding;
That is I had been hindered,
My body, my soul to sick being
And my heart had been still under exiling.

At the shore we have met
But, with a story you let
I doubted but for sure you did insist
Another heart in your life does exist
No chance with as it would be a sin

And, kept with iced-bed
With pipe and cigarette
That might succor
Such friends besides a book

When you have appeared
With your tears being shed
My heart so deep got hurt
And you I have been there
While you were for me injuring;
Not you but the grief,
Of your face and your eyes,
And your tears
Passing my chest like a knife,
Cutting to twice,
Three, ten,
Or more I've forgotten!
Your tears for my life bringing,
That I sensed the sorrow,
And the happiness,
Inside you and what is surrounding;
My tear have dropped,
A tender giving,
They have gone out of my eyes,
But, indeed they have fallen,
Off on my heart..
And, no one knows whose tears dropped on whom heart!

Because I needed to be sick,
And, Because I had been not alive being!
I had been not being able to get sick;
Howbeit, I have started to alive being,
It is my turn to get sick;
For long long and a day I have been needing
To feeling,
A soul, a heart and a dreaming;
When you wish me a sweet dreaming,
I am alive and sick of being,
To your heart deeply attaching;
Yest I am sick what can you do for me waiting,
Nights, nights and a night pipe smoking,
A cigarette cannot for my pleasure satisfying,
And cafe cups of cups and a cup drinking,
For you a once sharing;
I am sick, yes, what can you doing?
I am sick I've been seeing,
You everywhere like an angel;
I am sick I am singing
While walking,
I am sick.. I am happy,
That I had been really craving,
A sick being;
But, my boat, ocean and sailing;
But, my heart was out living,
I had been not being able to sick getting
But, I am alive
So I can in sick being
I am so glad
I shall smoke with more pleasure,
With aromatic tobacco,
With smoke I have bringing
Answers for my questions;
I am sick
I am sick
I am sick.


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