Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Lesson Learned - The Woman, Man and Love

I have been taught that the woman does not need to find the love in the man's words.
Instead of, she would find his love in his chest, heart and his secrets.

It doesn't matter how many times you say: "I love you."
Or even how you say it, although she likes to hear it, always!
She would believe it if she could find it drawn on one of your diaries.

It is enough for her to know how much she loves you, and how much she knows about you, and what she would like to know more about you.

She wants to know how much you love her whilst your conscious is in absentia, and she won't tell you what she knew and knows.

She want to see you when you do not recognize, and to hear you when you don't speak.
Until it becomes the man's mission to understand her, to give her and to learn how to get from her.

It is the obstacles that the woman throws testing the man, waiting for his responds, and evaluating.

How could a man solve them?
And, where could he find the right answers?
On which could he rely to when facing troubles?
And how to think to reach an answer?
Should he ask his heart or her heart?
Or depends on what he wants?
What will happen in case of committing a mistake?
And what is his destiny?

Do you know what does a woman mean when she tells you that you are not clear?
Have you ever asked her: "why you are not straightforward?"
She does never ever count herself as vague!

25 July

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