Monday, 14 September 2009

A Poem for My Queen "AL ZAHRA'A", My Queen Ever Since

مشتقلك ياوردة دافئة ،
ارتاحت على ورقها الخمري ندى،
برقة غصنها شامخة تهمس،
لمن سمعها يحيى
ولمن جالسها يسعد،
ولمن قطفها يندم،
عطر فاح نال كل مدرك،
أسر الألباب
عاش في معبد،
ازهري كل حديقة
وانشري دفئا كم له افتقد
عيشي ياأمل
أملي بك كل فرح
فأنت البسمة التي ارتسمت
والتي رسمت
على خدي جنة
كل من مر بخدي يسعد
وعلى شفتاي بسمة أخرى
كل ما أريدها
أذكر زهرة.

Friday, 4 September 2009

The Polish-Actress-Style Glasses

Entrance: "Sorry, It's hard to get divorced with me. So, you are stuck"

That pink shirt,
With the Polish-actress-style glasses,
With the smile that talks,
Not only her smile,
But the every single gesture of her,
Adorable face,
And, the hair letting on,
And, the whispers,
That smile with a satisfying amount of,
Dependence, trust, and confidence;
Oh is it a "deja vu"?
This is the time,
The linear or the circular?
"I like the circular",
And, "I like both";
It's not the mystery of time,
Nor the space;
It's about her eyes,
As a piece of ocean,
Deeply enchanting;
To be continued

Our Next First Dinner Together

She tried hardly..
To fight against,
To freeze...
Not ....... anymore;
But, by the end it was hard to invite her once again;
But, superior-hands opened the door once again,
And, she's invited to my dinner!... ... Read more
It's my pleasure, indeed,
With that beauty that holds a beast inside;
Let's see how our research will walk,
Will it besides the moon,
Or under the rain?
But, who could imagine,
Last dinner my friends wanted to tell my story once again!
And, she was a memory from the past,
Is it to learn that the past could be the future, too?
Or, we've been collecting some flowers, candles, and the words,
For our next first dinner together?