Friday, 4 September 2009

The Polish-Actress-Style Glasses

Entrance: "Sorry, It's hard to get divorced with me. So, you are stuck"

That pink shirt,
With the Polish-actress-style glasses,
With the smile that talks,
Not only her smile,
But the every single gesture of her,
Adorable face,
And, the hair letting on,
And, the whispers,
That smile with a satisfying amount of,
Dependence, trust, and confidence;
Oh is it a "deja vu"?
This is the time,
The linear or the circular?
"I like the circular",
And, "I like both";
It's not the mystery of time,
Nor the space;
It's about her eyes,
As a piece of ocean,
Deeply enchanting;
To be continued

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