Tuesday, 13 January 2009

And, here you are!

You the most far...the closest

Here you are

Surrounding the night with your swings

With all tenderness and grace

I see you there and everywhere

I see you clear and so vague

And, you’ve been always saying something

And, I’ve always tried to get you

I don’t know if I

But, as I grow up I understand you more

And, more

Wherever I meet you

I find you charming



You are there

But, here you are!

And, there’s no difference whether it’s 1969

Or 1996!

Whether it’s winter or summer

Whether in the north or south

In the desert or top of the mountain

But, you change the mood a little bit on the see

From it on the sands

Many waits for you

Anyway, you don’t care

Whether there’s someone waiting for you

Or no one will wait

You remain cool

With smiley face


Feeling proud

Just proud

And you don’t wait

You act

You show up and disappear

When you want

When you like

The same

With Allure



Or there

Here, you are!

Having the all time

With the all truth

As for me, I’ll wait

For all the years I could live

I’ll wait for you

Here or there

In the east

Or the west

I’ll wait

And, I don’t care

Whether you are beautiful

Or not

Whether I know you

Or not

I just wish

Here, you were

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