Friday, 16 October 2009

A Wine-like Sweet

Sweet itself is sweet,
But when it's carrying more to feel,
We don't know what to call;
Sweet is to taste,
But if it has a magic,
Then, what to do?
Sweet is to cherish a bless called "tongue,"
And wine is to take the minds away,
But what's if I got drunk as the sweets stolen my soul;
It's sweet indeed,
But it's special as made,
I took my cut as saying "thanks",
Although,"thanks" is not enough,
Nor tons nor even millions,
I'm living a pleasure,
With each bit,
I'm trying to reach a proper way to tell you how
much be pleased and grateful by what your hands
By a dessert carrying a hat of jam,
That's a best friend to my cafe;
I made a second cup of cafe,
To continue;
Now I'm taking the last spoon being in pleasure of
new happiness,
As your sweets have been leading me,
A stairway to reach the sky,
I won't get down unless,
I get you a word from there;
A sweet with a hat of jam,
Not only a dessert,
Not only a jam,
It's rather a magic,
With the power of wine.

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