Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sometimes .. Just sometimes

Do you know what is the difference between you and the others?
Now, I know what is the mystery of us?
The mystery is that you are brave enough to say: “..in sometimes, just sometimes..”
And this is the difference between you and the others.
This is the difference in our story to the rest of my stories;
Your brave heart.
And, thank you for saying that,
because all of them wanted less than sometimes!
But, they have never admitted,
They much lied,
But, you have nothing to be afraid of,
You are honest and said it clearly.
And, thank you for giving me your love for sometimes
and warning me it's for sometimes,
And, not let me being living in a lie,
I discovered their lies, but they never admitted,
and I am the only blamed one!
How could a heart hold a love for just sometimes?
How could they lie?

Just if there's someone crazy about me!

I am not making people suffer, at all,
I haven't meant to, and I am not,
they always has begun with just a small lie!

For sometimes, and just sometimes, I love you.
For some moments,
and only some moments, I felt peace.
For some seconds,
and only some seconds, you made me home.
For some beats,
and just some of the heart's beats,
the heart sings your name.

6:19 PM, The 4th of October 09.
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

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