Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Sound of Raining

Have we ever thought to give the raining sound a name?
An attribute
An idiosyncrasy
Let me give the sound of raining an adjective, a name, an attribute...
The sound of Raining is the peace, happiness and secret of being happy alone!
Peace, and joy
Calmness, and carelessness without any guiltiness,
The sound of innocence,
The sound of new life,
With every drop you can see the pureness,
With these all drops together drawing the image of new life,
singing together: “This is just the secret of life, please enjoy, for sometimes, just sometimes, because we are not going to be around forever, so this is your chance, take some life for some moments, for just sometimes....”

11PM~12:39 AM, 7th-8th October 09

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