Friday, 16 October 2009

A Poem for “May Queen”

I got known that I shall you meet;
Last night, I had of you a dream,
I couldn't see you so clear,
But, I kept wondering how you will be seen,
Like a star or a like a moon?
Thank you for appearing,
And, I cannot keep you out of leaving,
So, you got to disappearing;
For moments, you were amazing;
You came in and flighted far,
Like a season butterfly;
With your hazel eyes,
I got to the earth enchanted;
Charming beauty,
Slender with special scent;
And, I feel how lighted-shadow you are carrying,
How alluring you create,
It's Irresistible;
I like to take photos for butterflies,
When for my room they got in,
For luck Sake, I think;
But,this time I raised,
High in the sky,
I felt life and something,
Remain prolonging,
And with echo whispering,
Even if you got far;
And,I got an immortal photo with,
Marvelous astonishing, Season butterfly;
Fly may God bless you;
In the happiness,
With all of my hope to,
Meeting you once again,
In a fantastic moments like;
Until then,
"Here I am",
With a thing's missing,Which you've stolen,
Though I wish, too,
With all happiness and joy to remain,
You "May Queen".

26th Aug. 09

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