Saturday, 25 July 2009

Is It a Bowl of Cherries?

Although some picture life as a game or
A bowl of cherries.
And, may be sometimes it is!
I say life is
The secrets the woman holds
For a man who she took sensitive moments
And paid abundant attentions
All along with perseverance
to understand, keep safe and
Live with them as her heart's rhythms.
She loves these secrets and worships them
Because for her,
This is one of her man's dear things,
They are embraced in her man...
The man with his secrets
Are just and only for her.
She will fight,
Stronger than a warrior at the battle,
to keep these secrets alive..
To keep her man alive

The man needs much more time
To realize her secrets.
But, when she allows us
And reveals
We should cherish and
Carefully deals with.
We shouldn't ever let a woman
Shed tears, at all!
Unless we're leaving her forever.

And, there's no in between;
Either black or white
no light pink and no dark red
Red or Yellow!

1 comment:

Nour K said...

wow Ahmad, you're pretty good! How's Japan btw? letting your creative juices flow? And how's Toastmasters? :-)