Saturday, 7 November 2009

Rule No.° Zero

Keep with you the remedy, always.
Carelessness with elegance,
You never guess when,
the moment you get infected by,
the pick-the-pilow at night that,
a kind of illness,
we usually experience.

This is the rule no. °Zero;
Do you remember charlie's Angels?
Do you remember your first love?
Do you know what was the mystery of your first love?
Simply, the love that never comes again,
I don't think it's the love, but a kind of that,
you see it always absolutely beautiful that,
you've never had the chance to see the ugliness,
the carelessness and the carefulness,
the sexy part is always shines,
the silky navy masculine,
the silky pinky feminine,
the illusion that has been never contradicted.
The paradox nature of the world,
makes the first love straight and beautiful,
always, have regreted and to some rock escaped to retrospect that,
you became ill,
that you didn't have the remedy,
that you didn't apply the rule no. °Zero;

Being a Romeo is not fantasy anymore,
And, I like Charlie's story,
who has three angels,
But I've never asked him if he is applying the rule that,
I call the "Rule No.°Zero,"
and, certainly, I like charlies' Angels.

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