Sunday, 22 November 2009


Crystals in Rocks;
Pearls in Shells;
Container forms the meaning, and
"A Observadora" gives it the value.

The light from your bosom
burned up the mind;
The soul cried, was
pulled off the body;
The fingers got burned
inside your hands;
Nerves sank deeply in your boliing blood;
The mind became empty;
In the middle of silence,
western winds carried me away;
Dreams left,
where we left our feet,
the bare feet talking to the roots;
What left is smile,
and an empty mind;

The heart got a wound by a thorn,
passing by the beautiful garden,
the red green brown enchanting garden.
Of serenity in presentia,
the rose wounded the heart;
The soul's light burned up the mind;
The nerves sank in the honey,
the bees got angry;
The catastrophy of the nature;
The body was carried away by the winds,
with an open heart and empty mind;

"Goodbye," when be said sometimes,
promises to save a smile for good;
Say goodbye for the western winds,
carrying the souls,
the trees' leaves,
"Triggering the last scream before death,"
the roots, away,
taking off the what the containers hold,
leaving silence and a smile;
The catastrophy happened;
Nothing to say but
triggering a short laugter because of pain and
After a goodbye,
a smile is perpetual.
© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

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