Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just around 12 O'clock, in the Lab.

Today, I arrived my lab at 7:30 am.
Colleagues started to come around 9:30
They don't say: “good morning”
From around 11 o'clock there were half of the total who left their desks, grouped to chating and laugh.
After some time one of them started to hit the keyboard aggressively. He is the one that once I had asked him if he's angry!
He negated.(He has told the story to our professor who laughed!)

Today, he is not angry as he told me (hehe!), but the keyboard's noise just cuts off my thinking chain.

In the early times in my lab I noticed the keyboards and what caught me is how they are heavy and strong material made. Why they are fabricated like this? it doesn't need. These keyboards could be used as a bridge above a river for passing cars!

Today, I think I got the answer of my wondering.

Around 11:30 one of them actually, the assistant professor, got a fax, I think the fax text's written in English. And, then they grouped next to my ear and started to discuss and laugh!

I just open my textpad and wrote the passed lines.

There are a lot of stories. I will split my life-time in Japan by half. The first half to live the stories, and the other half is to write them.

11:55 am. 18th of Nov.

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