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Incipiência do Japão -- A Chapter of Seven Months and Seven Days

"I am in Japan, I am in Japan, I can't believe it!"
At Kansai Airpot, early April 2009.

"But, wait! Where is the smoking room? I need to smoke.. for more than 13 hours I haven't smoked"

To Minoo, the first accomodation.

A monorail to "Saito-Nishi" at 11 PM.
Fog, cold, and luggage, with a map in the hand.

Walking with care, and sensing the directions.
This is a campus, oh looks like a university campus.
Entered the public female bath, no signs, asked someone, she was with wet long black hair, and a big smile, and a little help got, moved forward.
The cool thing's that the name of the dormitory is written in English.

Played Mafia with new commers (from different countries), made new friendships, first night was, a dream came true and, a dream.

The first week was amazing and,
I was extremely with joy but,
the first days,
the seven,
never happened again.

The katakanization:

"geirofriendo, elevaitaah, escalaitaah, leeedah, boyofriendo, ...."

Do I know english?
I think I am not good in English!
But, wait, I am good in English, but what kind of English does Japan use?

Whatever your English was, the Japanized English is of another dictionary of vocabularies.

Do You Have Pointo-Caahdo?
--Poit card?
O' No.
Do you want to apply?
yes, please!

This is something that will live with you as you live in Japan!
Everyshop in Japan has a point card, and now I need another wallet just for the point cards!!
Insanity and stupidity and non-customer-orientation deal!

The Bicycle?
I got one during the first week of my arrival.
The reason:
To discover the area with banana price!
Just a map or two will be enough, smelling the roads, wondering about the new things of Japan civilization.
Don't worry there's a W.C every km!
And, you won't feel lonely because everything speaks in Japan.
And, if you do, just use a W.C!

--What is the Coolest thing in Japan?

I used to go out early and come back around 3 AM during the first week.
Sleeping hours per day were maximum 2.
One road made me feel so much excited called "171" --in abbreviated slang Japanese Street lang. called "inaichi"!
The thing made me wondering and glad, the many car shops and motorcycles found all along from Toyota - Lexus, Yamaha, Ford - Mustang, Harley Davidson, Ducati, and etc.
Plus, the international shop CARREFOUR!
Feel warm!
The road by itself reminds me sometimes with some KSA's.
I had a small accident with a bike.
I also on a rainy morning, riding fast, slipped dangerously. Fortunately, no cars were infront of me, no people, and I didn't bite the ground after long distance of skiing!
It was a freedom for me.
After 5 months I sold it!
For many reasons...

A Unique Friendship -- Me & My Psychiatrist
The night still not night for me,
I couldn't distingush the morning from noon, from...
The Jet lag survived....

--May be later I'll tell you for how long I've been with mal-functioning biological clock!

The Japanese classes;
Ah sorry!
The intensive Japanese Lang. classes,
the teachers,
the dorm,
the sleepless residence, actually teenagers!
the Japanized parties (nomikai!)
(Drinking parties)
According to my poor information, I used to think a party could be once in a month,
or OK. once in a week, usually weekend!
A soccer yard there outside,
Alcohol glasses and bottles in the bars,
However, the dorm was a basketball, soccer, ..., stadium!
The smell of alcohol everywhere, almost everynigh there was either a game or a nomikai!
It seems like the students were having some troubles!
May be? do you think so?
Finally, I wrote a complaining letter for the office,
the following day they got warned, that night the dorm was with peace,
the rest of the following nights were much night club- like, not like exactly!

Oh' do you know how many students committed suicide last year in this campus?
What! no.
Around XXX

The linen washing day!
The bottles
The bus schedule
The kitchen that I cannot call it a kitchen at all!
The W.Cs that are abused to the bottom!
The internet connection, no mis-connection!

Never mind.. I can handle, my mobile phone will connect me.
I can connect my laotop and have internet connection via my mobile.

The barbeis!
And, one of them got a cut!
--I will talk later about the barbeis, please wait a bit!

So, my stubborn body and, its bio. clock, and the said factors and others were,
playing a big role in my sleeplessness!

Yes, I like cafe, and I need to drink a cup of cafe after a long day!
But I used to drink cafe and sleep before Japan.

My attitude in the Japanese program was degrading,
I started to hear comments,
And, I felt I am risking somehting!
My situation is not OK!
And, I have to prove that I care and serious but something out of my hand.

Have sex!
Go to some clubs or,
and the list is not short!

Do you have a girlfriend?
Do you drink cafe at night?
Do you eat well?
Do you have friends?
Do you spend your weekend with friends?
Tell me your everyday routine...
The questions' list is longer than a novel!

Why did you come to Japan?
Do you like Japan?
What did you do last year?
Is something bad did happen to you last year?
With whom you have been living before you came to Japan?
With whom you are living now?
Tell me about your objectives....
Who did help you last year?

emmm' drinking is good for you, because.....
but you don't drink,

Actually, you have insomnia, and it's OK I will prescribe for you pills,
and you will be sleeping.

Please, would you write to Muraoka sensei, a letter descibing my situation and explaining to her my problem?
-Yes, of course!

After some sessions...

So, how many kids do you have?
"This is my question to him"
What is your specialization?
And, then we started to talk about books in pshychology as I was reading one.
My psychiatrist got enthusiastic and,
it seems like he was the one who needed a Psychiatrist!

Please, would you call Muraoka sensei and tell her about my situation?
Yes, of course,

The Dinners

During the 2nd Month I lost My Glassees
For many reasons,
until today, I've been not wearing glasses!
As I didn't know why I lost them?
But, now I know why?
As we say "A coind has two facets!"

--(laitaah!) = later!

Osaka-Homesickness, Nara, and the Pina Colada Glass
I've got new cafe beans -"Organic El Salvador",
And a cup made by Givenchy.
It was cool to leave Osaka!
I arrived to Ikoma,
Francisco lead me to the bar,
New friends, 
Another chapter in Japan..
I had soya beans sweets,
I dedicated to friends,
To break the ice!
We were cool, and
I said: "It's nice to be at NAIST!"
Asked the waiter: "Anything without Alcohol?"
"Yes, what would you like?", the waiter replied,
Please, a glass of Piña colada.
I said: “Mauricio, I feel Osaka-home sick”, 
He replied: “Me, too”;
We huged and the “piña colada” glass poured down and fell to the floor and broken!
I said: “Mauricio, I am not feeling home sick anymore, are you?”
He replied: “Me niether”;
It seemed like the “piña colada”
cured us when poured!
From now, Any time we get home sick we go to bar, order a “piña colada” and pour it on ourselves!!
And, it seems like we didn't just break the ice, 
more, we broke the glass!
The glass when broke never be back alike!
Unless it's molten and formed once again!
But, do you think it will have the same characteristics as before?
Does the glass miss something after it getting broke, molted, and reshaped? 
I got a phone call,
told that I was seen in a dream!
O' God this not the perfect time for dreams!
After the karaoke,
A long screaming night, rock singing,
and pipe smoking!
I arrived my new home,
I was so tired,
But, I took my first cup of cafe,
with the new cafe beans from El Salvador,
Sipping with a Givenchy cup!
It was 3 at dawn.
bom dia!

My Friends from Brazil
The Coolest thing in Japan!

*An advice: if you don't have brazilian friends, simply you have no friends!

The Mental Revusal

I said: "I just psychologically cannot communicate in Japanese Lang."
"I feel bad, hurting myself!"

"Don't worry," my professor responded!
And, described my situation as a mental revusal!

What is The Coolest thing in Japan?

In Lebanon, I didn't feel Lebanon is mine.

But here, I feel Japan is mine!

A coolest thing in Japan.

And this is the Day Seventh after the Month Seventh,
in Japan.
The Incipience to Japan.

--Of course there are a lot of positive things, and things that you say sometimes I would live here forever.

Next time, I will more positive things, which are a lot, too, and the origanization, and the systematic life style sometimes you think it's a good place to live.
Of course, control may life easy and beautiful most times..

I advise everyone to experience Japan, for a month, a year more or less.
And, just seee.
in Albanian: mermenjuz,
and we know the rest:
bom dia,
buenos días,
おはよう ございます,
صـباح الياسمين والجاردينيا
I will try to japanize the Arabic one...

See you later, continuing some stories and with more stories of the Months' Seven And Seven days!

© 2009 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

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