Friday, 19 February 2010

The Taciturnity of Words

There are meanings of Words
And there are sounds of letters
The sounds have combined in a word
Or in two of them or more
or less;
In a sentence
or more..
We say them
We hear them
They remain in our ears;
Days pass
and nights
While those sounds are still in the ears,
with the same meanings sometimes,
or in different meanings in other times;
More days and nights,
more moments,
while the sounds of the words are disappearing
You hear not a thing but only their silence
Are they in our ears?
No, but, verily, they are in our feelings

A silence lives
with the true meaning (real sense)
for those words;
We may change the sounds of the words in our ears
But, verily, we can never change their silence in our feelings

We heard the sounds of words
in our ears
albeit we did never understand them
So that [we were mistaken when] we thought we did understand
But when the sounds disappeared in our minds,
their silence arose in our feelings
teaching us their meanings

Because of this silence I smile
in a new title
I like this smile
And, I like the silence of words
that after this smile
the eye sheds a tear
in this tear the meanings are written
that time
I know my feeling
in the silence of every word

When the sounds of the words disappear
and nothing left but their silence
That time, have their meanings reflected sense.
© 2010 Ahmad Elghafari All Rights Reserved

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