Saturday, 27 December 2008


Why do you behave like this?

Why do you pull the time like if you pull a rope?

Yes, you pull the time like pulling a rope


Is time line like a rope?

But, why?

Who has hurt you?

I notice you are running away

I can see that clearly

Where are your dreams?

Have you lost them when you got hurt?

Where were you and where are you?

Where was the all pinky world?

Where are you going?

Are you running away?

Do you hear me?

Fine, keep running

I think you know well how much expensive you sacrifice?

You should!

I admit you aim to your original desires

You aim to your original goals

But, one goal you may not make it there

And I advise you to keep chat with the moon

Where ever he looks like he will give you some answers

And, don’t miss the star

They would teach you how to be a star

Go ahead and forget your injuries

Pray… God may bless you

Pray… you may save your track

So, you won’t be lost

Pray… you may not be hurt anymore


27 Dec.08

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